You know how celebrities typically bury sh-t on Fridays at 5pm right before a long weekend? It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US. It’s well before 5pm though. WELL before. And Johnny Depp’s movie opens today. And now we have all day to process this. There is no burying.

Amber Heard is coming hard for Johnny Depp. So we’ve now gone from acrimonious to straight up nuclear…

Let’s recap: Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp on Friday, three days after his ma died. Which many people were side-eyeing her about. She’s also asking for spousal support. Then his side leaks out that his family hated her. Her side says that’s bullsh-t. And now?


According to TMZ, Amber just showed up in court with a bruise on her face, claiming Johnny assaulted her, with pictures of her various injuries that she says were sustained through the course of their relationship. Check the photo:

She also wants a restraining order because she feels like she’s in immediate danger… although TMZ is pointing out that Johnny’s been out of town since Wednesday.

Would this have happened if Johnny wasn’t fighting her on spousal support? Remember she filed on Monday. Apparently this photo is marked for Saturday night, two days before she filed. No mention was made of it when she filed. So was she initially hoping they could resolve it without her revealing the dark side of their marriage and telling the world he hit her? And was his F-ck You response the impetus for her to tell the truth and go public about the abuse?

Yesterday I compared Amber to Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes also filed for divorce, on a Friday, right around this time. And played her more powerful husband at his own game. Tom underestimated Katie. And Johnny… has he underestimated Amber?