Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's father conspired to punk her for Overhaulin’ for an episode to air next week. Amber has a 1968 Mustang. You see it in pap shots all the time. It also apparently gets stolen all the time. So the setup was that they made her believe it was stolen again and the cops would come but instead of helping her find her car, they ended up Twi-Harding Johnny Depp. As you can see from the video below, Amber gets impatient, understandably, and then, when the actor playing the cop is trying to take her picture, ends up giving him the finger.

Of course. Anyone would be annoyed if the cops showed up and weren’t being helpful, weren’t doing their jobs. But it takes a certain privilege to be able to flip off the police, non? To have no fear about flipping off the police. To not worry at all about the consequences of flipping off the police. That’s where I took it when I watched this preview. How lucky Amber is to live in that kind of security. I was once stopped by police one night because I happened to drive past some kind of investigation. There was no way I could have been involved in whatever it was they were checking. And at the end of our brief discussion, thinking that it was time to drive away, I moved to light up my cigarette, and he asked me why I needed one. I told him that I needed to calm my anxiety. He told me to “get out of here before I put you back on the boat”. What do you think would have happened if I gave him the finger?

Oh but it was just a TV show, Lainey. It wasn’t for reals. Sure. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some reality to this scene, the reality being that people like Amber can totally get away with flipping off a cop. That looks pretty authentic to me.

PS. She’s wearing a t-shirt and Johnny’s in an overcoat. Does he have bad circulation?