Remember when the idea of an Aquaman movie was a running joke on Entourage? And now we live in a world where Warner Brothers is seriously going to make an Aquaman movie. Which means we’re living in the Entourage universe. Truly, this is the darkest timeline. Aquaman: No, Seriously is slated for the summer of 2018 (though Aquaman and his wife, Mera, will appear in Justice League first), and it will be directed by James Wan of Furious 7 and Insidious fame. This is actually sort of interesting—Furious 7 proves Wan can balance a silly story and badass action, which is exactly what an Aquaman movie should be.

We know Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman—and he doesn’t look half bad,  either—and now Variety is reporting that Amber Heard is in talks to star as Mera. Like Aquaman, Mera has dumb water powers, such as the ability to hit people with “hard water” blobs and move objects through water. I’m under the impression that the movie is drawing from DC’s “New 52” line of comics, in which Aquaman is bummed out because no one likes him, which means there will probably be a secret identity/espionage angle as well. I get the feeling Mera is going to pass for the DC Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow. Casting Amber Heard jives with that—she’s the budget Scarlett Johansson.

It’s not a bad move for Heard, though. She needs some face/name recognition with the general public, and playing a superhero could help with that whole Amanda Heard thing. But she CAN’T ACT. She is consistently the worst part of everything she’s in. I’m not sure what it will really do for her even if the movie is popular, if she doesn’t come off well. Flashback to 2010—no one liked ScarJo/Black Widow coming out of Iron Man 2. That didn’t become a winning position for Johansson until The Avengers two years later. The best possible outcome is that Aquaman is silly as hell, and no one singles Heard out as the worst part of the movie.

(Lainey PS : in other Amanda Heard news, Johnny Depp was shut out of an Oscar nomination today. You think she’s pissed at him that she won’t be able to go? They could always invite her to present, I suppose, but, um, as was the case with the Golden Globes, WHYYYYYY when you  have so many other options? PPS. Does this picture make you want to sh-t?)