All eyes will be on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court tomorrow at the restraining order hearing. Or at least they were supposed to, until our eyes got stolen by Swoki, and, oh yeah, Johnny doesn’t want to show up. Here’s how Team Depp TMZ reported it this morning:

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both want to end their war and settle everything connected with their relationship, so Johnny's lawyers are requesting the courtroom battle set for Friday be postponed. Sources connected with Johnny say Amber and Johnny will now discuss a mutual agreement in which both agree to stay clear of each other. In addition, we're told they will settle all matters involving their divorce, including property settlement and spousal support.

As we reported, Amber asked for $50k a month in spousal support for her 15-month marriage. We're told Johnny might be agreeable to pay her for a period of time -- probably around 8 months. A settlement would involve all possible claims each might have against the other. Translation ... Amber couldn't file a civil suit for the alleged domestic violence ... something Johnny has denied.

In other words, according to Johnny’s team, they’re apparently negotiating behind the scenes and they’ll write Amber a cheque and she’ll go away. But then, about an hour ago, TMZ updated the site – Amber’s people saw the post and have a different version of events:

Amber Heard is calling out Johnny Depp and his people, saying it's absolute horse manure she wants to settle her domestic violence case, and she says Johnny's putting that out there because he's terrified about what she'll say on the stand. As we reported, sources connected with Johnny are asking for a continuance in the domestic violence hearing, scheduled for Friday. They say it's all because both Amber and Johnny want to end their legal war ... which includes the divorce, domestic violence claims and everything else.

But our Amber sources say they have never expressed any desire to settle the domestic violence case, and they believe this is all being spun by Johnny and his team because they know her testimony about domestic violence will be devastating for him. The Amber sources say she's still ready, willing and able to go to court Friday and take the stand.

I think I might be in shock that TMZ actually presented Amber’s side without qualifying it with a pro-Depp sentiment. How long has it been since Johnny’s been in a situation where he may actually have to show up, instead of being handled by a 12 layer team of management, lawyers, and security? 

Attached - Amber Heard out in her car yesterday in LA.