Those photos yesterday of Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard, aka “Amanda” were so gorgeous and glorious, I wanted an excuse to post them again, to help you with not snacking.

Golden Globes. Johnny Depp was not nominated for Black Mass. And while Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne are standouts for The Danish Girl, the film itself was not included in either Best Motion Picture category. Still… Amber’s been invited to present. The HFPA has always been really, really generous to Johnny. Maybe it’s the least they could do for not recognising his performance? Maybe he was like, um, the least you could do is get my wife some spotlight? Amber, by the way, has no projects lined up yet for this year so she really does need to get out there this weekend and hustle those connections. His connections. So does that mean he’ll show up too? After being snubbed? What will your level of fontrum be if he does?

Also announced as a presenter – because this is what she does now, apparently – Kate Hudson. When ISN’T Kate Hudson at the Globes? Here’s my question: at what point does your nomination(s) appearance to your presenter appearance ratio become embarrassing? You know why Helen Mirren is always presenting? Because she’s ALWAYS nominated. And she’s actually won everything. Helen will be a presenter, too, on Sunday. She’ll be there anyway as she’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Trumbo.