Twitter’s been on the financial pages lately because of its stock price. Don’t worry. I’m not going to become a financial analyst here. I’m just pointing out that the company’s share values have been dropping and that yesterday there was reason for investors to feel more confident about the service. Because without Twitter, we would not have been gifted with Kanye’s anger poetry. Click here for a refresher. And without Twitter we then would not have been able to luxuriate, revel, REJOICE in Amber Rose’s Greatest Of All Time, mic drop.




I’m petty as f-ck. So if you’re here to tell me that exchanging low blows is not the way you approve of living, please know that I cannot be saved. He called her a stripper, she told the world he likes getting finger-pegged. Which reminds me of an article in Toronto Life from a few years ago about high end escorts and what one woman shared about some of her male clients – that they actually don’t want to leave their wives, that they are happy …but… they enjoy the digital stimulation and aren’t getting it at home. Check it:

According to Chloë (the escort), none of her married clients are interested in leaving their wives. If anything, she says, they are protective of their marriages, preferring a clear-cut arrangement with a hooker to the risk and drama of a full-blown extra-marital affair. “It’s a myth that men talk about their marital problems with escorts,” she says. “If they do talk about their marriages, it’s generally to say that they aren’t having sex at home.” Even if they are, it may not be the kind of sex they’re after. There are some things most men want, she explains, but aren’t comfortable asking of their partners. Asked to elaborate, she looks coy, then lowers her voice and tells me that she does “a lot of anal work” with her clients. This is an erogenous zone most women overlook in men, she says: “I have a little strap-on I sometimes like to put on, and they’re totally into it. I’ve only ever had one client turn me down.”

You can read the full piece here. And before you start freaking, I’m not telling you to peg your partner or risk losing them. This is a simple, straight up share that happens to be related to Kanye West throwing down on Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose and Amber Rose clapping – or pegging – back, using the very point he tried to shame her with to her advantage, and thereby owning her history, their history, and, well, his ass.

And none of it would have been possible without Twitter. This could only have happened on Twitter. So thank you, Twitter, for this teachable moment.