So, for those who didn't hear about this story - Tyrese tried to contact Amber Rose about collaborating on some projects. Except he got her email from a mass email that included [email protected], not realizing that's actually the address of Amber Tamblyn. If you've already heard of this headline, most of you probably asked yourself "who's Amber Tamblyn?", then half dismissed it as some girl, the other half went "oh right, that Travelling Pants chick" and went on your way. She's also been on House for an arc and really, really kicked ass on the amazing Joan Of Arcadia. When it comes up on your Netflix, check it out. Anyway. He emails her, thinking she's the other Amber Rose. And in response, Amber Tamblyn SENDS HIM tracks - four of them, over a period of days, one of which contains the lyric "I'm doing splits on your unibrow". This is priceless.   

Eventually, after tracks like "Dancefloor Etiquette" and a treatise on the current state of contraception use equaling demonic possession in the US (and by the way, HOLY F*CK on that) he figures out she's not the Amber Rose he's looking for.  Of course, the songs - which are linked here and are hysterical - really should have tipped him off that this was a girl (and probably her comedian fiance - she's engaged to David Cross) who was having a laugh.  

But this is where it gets weird/funny/circular. The story is hilarious, and also doesn't sit quiiiite right. Am I annoyed with Tyrese, for assuming that the only person in the world with the email "Amber Rose" (it's her middle name) is the person he wants to speak to?  Sure.

Devil's advocate: It's pretty coincidental, it's not like her email was [email protected]. Am I a little bit squicked by Tamblyn, who maybe realized early that Tyrese didn't know what weight class he was up against,  keeping the joke going so long? Kinda.

Devil's advocate: she probably thought he would get the joke after the first track. Do I kind of hear the ring of truth when he says "I hope this does wonders for your career", during his post-finding-out-he-got-punked pouting session?  Yes. I mean, when's the last time you heard Amber Tamblyn's name in the news?  

Devil's advocate: it really IS funny....

Then again....Do you think Tyrese even knows Amber Tamblyn is a working actress?  Or does he think he got punked by some kid at USC?  

Devil's advocate: ...none.  I still can't see the world in which Tyrese is aware that Amber Tamblyn exists. Here's the thing though: one "celebrity" pranks another "celebrity" and it actually works for more than five seconds, and it didn't have a giant budget a la F*cking Matt Damon. Movie people can't do this. They have reputations to uphold. But a funny girl with a sense of humour, and maybe not a lot else to do on a given Sunday, can make a joke that's super-funny, kind of mean, and only a little bit ridiculous, and make it work for her.

That's "tv people" right there. I wonder how high her IMDB ranking shot today?  For that matter, I wonder about his. 

Click here to listen to Amber's tracks.