Restless all day.

Apparently this is how she’s been spending her time.

Here are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shopping at Fred Segal yesterday, then going for lunch after hitting the club scene several times the last few days. As you can see, Lilo looks super skinny in black skinnys…must be all the working out she’s doing?

Word is America Ferrera was not sad to say goodbye after Lindsay wrapped her latest stint on Ugly Betty. Not only because of the irritating pap presence, not only because it’s always about Lilo, but because she did not approve of the increasingly frequent special deliveries allegedly being made to her guest star… deliveries that helped her stay sharp on 12 hour days and keep her sharp through the night.

Am told America wanted no part of that kind of behaviour on her set. And that she’s supposedly lobbying show producers never to invite it back.

As mentioned last week – infallible sources observed her allegedly openly using recently on several occasions. Sam was present but not seen to be doing the same. Rumour has it when she travels, upon arrival, picking up is always the first stop. Unfortunately it’s no longer a secret on the scene.

The school of thought on Lindsay however has always been that she’s a 0 to 100 kind of girl, with no gradual acceleration in between. The danger then is that if she’s been successful so far recreationally, the false sense of security and confidence will be a detriment to her later on. In Hollywood though, as long as you can hold it together no one complains, especially when from a public relations perspective, everyone stands to lose if it all gets out.

As for the relationship – opinions differ since the two are particularly cagey and have for the most part insulated themselves from everyone else. Codependent gets tossed around a lot. As does enabling. Many still believe though that Samantha truly loves her but can only do so much, keeping her in check just enough but not pushing her to the limit because she’s not ready…

Those that have observed them together describe that it’s Lilo who’s painfully insecure and clingy…as if she’s one break up away from the unraveling.

Keep you posted.

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