Understatement: There is a serious shortage of positive role modelling in young Hollywood. With the likes of Lilo and Ebola and Britney running around, skeezing it up in an effort to become the next Pamela Anderson, how refreshing to see someone like America Ferrera not shaving her pootie and putting it up for consumption. Or engaged in photo opp after photo opp with her dogs at the gym angling for a career.

Instead, America spends her weekends preoccupied with less glamorous, more meaningful pursuits. She was in Pennsylvania this weekend at a seminar called Breaking Barriers: Women in Politics in support of Hillary Clinton. You may disagree with her candidate but at the very least, she’s also encouraging voter registration. And how can you argue with that?

She’s also not wearing any makeup and her tits aren’t hanging out. Love, love, love.

Photos from Wenn.com