American Hustle screened last night. Jennifer Lawrence was not there in person...but they felt her presence. What great timing. Or, perhaps they strategically chose the date of the New York Film Critics Circle's announcement of their winners to make their premiere.

The NYFCC named American Hustle and NOT 12 Years A Slave as Best Picture giving the Oscar race a major shakeup. It's not like American Hustle wasn't expected to come in for a nomination, but calling it the class of a very strong year is a big, big love, positioning it as more of a contender than most people expected at this stage in the game. Hustle collected three awards in total including Best Screenplay and Supporting Actress for Lawrence while Twelve Years director Steve McQueen won Best Director. My etalk executive producer Morley, who considers himself an Oscar expert, is worried this might be another Brokeback year. Let's not fret too much about it yet. We have 3 more months of this to go. And besides, the NYFCC went with Zero Dark Thirty last year.

Anyway, here's Amy Adams last night and I wish she wasn't wearing one of those dumb sheer skirts. Also Jeremy Renner.