Like she would actually let go.

Some tabloid printed some story about Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth breaking up recently, probably because they haven’t been photographed together in a couple of months.


New photos!

A few sets actually, just to make sure they don’t get missed. Yesterday they went out for lunch. She pretended to eat, you know, like multi-tasking. Let me make sure they know we’re still together, let me also try to convince them I don’t have an eating disorder. While I’m at it – JewelMint.

But what about the glassy-ness in your two-toned eyes?

Like, remember when we first fell in love I was wearing Balenciaga and that’s what made you want to date me?

Look, it’s one thing to slag her, but, well, he’s the one pointing it there, you know? It’s her job to Biel herself into every situation, it’s his to avoid that kind of play. And he’s not. So in the end, what does that say about him? This is a question that will last LONG after they’re over. For me then, it’s done. He’s done.

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