It’s her way… and it’s the way of her world. You suffer through certain things, you make sure the outside stays pristine, which is why she and Chris Martin, as I reported earlier this week, will supposedly be working on their marriage over the holidays.

Coldplay has been performing at the O2 this week – Gwyneth has apparently been present at almost every show. Thanks Jennifer M!

G was observed to be having a great time, looking very relaxed, although many gossips have been quick to point out that Chris has been singing Green Eyes again, a song he is said to have retired after they met because, well, Gwyneth doesn’t have green eyes.

He did wave at her several times from the stage though and she, again, was in good spirits. Her mom also says she’s in good spirits. Blythe Danner spoke out against the buzz of a split, insisting that the marriage is totally fine and that just because they’re never seen together doesn’t mean they’re not together.

There are new rumours now flying around that in order to silence the speculation once and for all, Gwyneth and Chris will make their first official public appearance together at the Grammys.


Please Gwyneth, please don’t do it.

That’s a Granny Freeze move…

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