Written by Duana

While I love Amy Adams, I will admit to being a pretty recent bandwagon jumper. I wasn’t so into it and she played such an unsympathetic character in Julie & Julia and there was the whole cutesy poo singing thing (I can hear all of you going “doesn’t that sound exactly like the kind of person you’d like?” ) but I can’t explain it. She’s a recent revelation, and I am so into her now, and so into her hot sloppy kisses with Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter and in what she does next and in whether we can get her to say something off-brand in an interview this year. In fact, I think that’s what I want for my birthday. Nothing horrible, mean, or racist, just something like “Wow, what an absolute f*cker James Franco was to old Annie Hathaway out there, eh?” (In my fantasy, she would say eh).

Which is why it pains me that this dress is almost, yet clearly not, good. Lainey says it was great on the carpet. Like, showstopping-arresting. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking that on TV she looked like something was all up in her neck. Too much. Too silver. Too constricted-looking. Combine with the cap sleeves that are nobody’s friend unless you’re Cate Blanchett and instruct the ‘caps’ to do a Transformers move and turn into tiny shoulder-umbrellas, well - I wanted Amy to do better.

And actually, in closeups, I agree that it’s beautiful. In freezeframe, the blue of the dress and the green of the necklace bump against each other in a lovely, fulfilling way. And they contrast with her hair and the whole thing is a study in jewel-tones.

But it didn’t play that way at all on the carpet (on tv), and nobody reacted to her that way, and given that she knew she wasn’t going to win and admitted to ‘only thinking about the red carpet’ I’m not sure she won the way she wanted to last night…

Photos from Wenn.com and Jason Merritt/Ethan Miller/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com