Did you love this? The only person I saw who loved this was the Oscar PR girl on Twitter, and um, she has a vested interest. Not only has this dress been DONE – on Penelope Cruz, on J. Lo, on Tina Fey -- but in this washed out colour, I’m just not interested. I didn’t think it looked princessy and wonderful, I thought it looked dour, draggy-down, and boring. 

And I could have dealt with all of that if she was enthusiastic, but she seemed so dourrrrr. So bland.  A little better on E! than on our CTV, but in both places kind of distracted, exhausted,  and I’m not saying that she was resentful of having to get into a getup for the billionth year in a row, but something was off.  

Here come the yells. “Does she have to be super over-the-top enthusiastic?” Yeah, kind of. On this one night. If you’re gonna be celebrated for being able to perform, then part of the game is how you perform when you’re being interviewed. It’s like how kids sitting on Santa’s lap smile and behave in order to get the goods. You do what you have to do.  I don’t feel like Adams did.   I hope she had a better night than I think she did.

(Lainey: also, when your dress is taking up the entire aisle in the wide shots, it is TOO MUCH.)