Remember last year when Leonardo DiCaprio was on the award circuit for The Revenant how the storyline was all what a travesty it was that he didn’t have an Oscar. Leo’s due! It’s his time! Like somehow he, Leonardo DiCaprio, LEONARDO DICAPRIO!, was hard done by. Forty years old or so. And just, you know, poor Leo, so put upon. At the time he’d had four nominations with no wins.

Annette Bening has four nominations and no wins. She was not nominated this year. You know who has more than that?

Amy Adams. Amy Adams has five nominations with no wins. She was not nominated this year even though Arrival is nominated for Best Picture and Denis Villeneuve for Best Director. Have you seen Arrival? The film doesn’t stand up without her. But not yet for Annette and not yet for Amy. And I wonder, I wonder when/if either of them are nominated at some point going forward, next year or the year after, because Amy Adams’s body of work is such that whatever she does, she is in the conversation, whether or not there will be anywhere close to the amount of impatience and outrage as there was with Leo.

Speaking of people who are always in the conversation – Meryl Streep, another nomination, her 20th, for Florence Foster Jenkins. Meryl Streep is the standard, of course she is. But let’s not pretend that her Golden Globes speech didn’t have anything to do with this and how the Academy votes – on popularity and reputation. So, if we’re on the subject of popularity…

Mel Gibson. Hacksaw Ridge nominated for Best Picture. And Mel nominated for Best Director. Basically, Mel is welcome. Fully welcome. Which…sure. But Janet Jackson, a f-cking icon, flashes her tit at the Super Bowl and where’s her invitation to come back into her industry. You say different industries? I say entertainment industry.

I would have preferred Ryan Reynolds in here. Ryan Reynolds who wanted it so bad for Deadpool. No, Deadpool doesn’t hold up. But we’ve just established that this is a popularity contest. And by that standard, wouldn’t Ryan’s unabashed thirst and hustle be so much easier to swallow?

As for Casey Affleck, let’s leave the last word to the boss, Constance Wu:



Attached - Amy Adams running errands in LA yesterday and Annette Bening at the Artios Awards last week.