According to Deadline, Amy Adams' Today show interview was cancelled because she didn't want to talk about the Sony hacks. It's not a random question, since the leaked emails revealed she and Jennifer Lawrence made less for American Hustle than their male co-stars.

Amy was reportedly scheduled to appear on the show yesterday to promote Big Eyes and stayed an extra night in New York to do so. Big Eyes, of course, is a Weinstein feature, and they were the first ones to issue a comment about her sudden cancellation:

“Amy decided to speak up for herself and express her disappointment that Today would feel the need to ask her a question she did not feel comfortable (answering), and rather than respect her opinion or continue the discussion, the reaction was to pull her appearance from the show.”

Today fired back with this statement:

“As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to dictate restrictions on interviews. In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”

But why didn't Amy want to play along? Remember, she's SO nice and not precious about her work. She could have conceivably given a non-answer about the Sony drama, or kept it straight and generic like her Big Eyes co-star Christoph Waltz did on Fallon and GMA last week. It seems really against-type for her to pull a diva card or miss out on some press, but if she's not hungry for the attention, why not take a seat on the bench?

Months ago, before we saw the trailer for Big Eyes, Amy was the presumed Best Actress frontrunner in the Oscar race. Now, the movie looks cartoony and has only earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She's fighting for sixth and seventh place at best, trailing behind Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, and Felicity Jones. And judging from this move, Amy knows she's out of the race.

Since Big Eyes isn't the Oscar vehicle she or the Weinsteins expected it to be, why does she need to hustle? Amy did a great job hosting SNL over the weekend. Everybody knows at this point that she's a triple threat, and she has five Oscar nominations to her name. Besides, if NBC really wanted her on Today to promote SNL's fall finale, they would have made room for her last week. Instead, Amy got bumped to a Monday slot and was then asked to field questions about the Hollywood wage gap.

Looks like she's saving her energy instead for a vehicle she knows won't get lost in the shuffle. Just because you decline politely doesn't mean you're not playing the game — maybe Amy's just waiting her turn.