Here’s Amy Adams today on Good Morning America promoting Big Eyes. Every year, around this time, Amy Adams is out there promoting her good work. With Amy Adams, it’s consistently good work. Like Julianne Moore for so long, so underappreciated. It’s finally Julianne’s time now. Finally. When will it be time for Amy?

The Critics’ Choice nominations were announced today. Amy was not on the list. Instead it’s:

Jennifer Aniston
Marion Cotillard
Felicity Jones
Julianne Moore
Rosamund Pike
Reese Witherspoon

The main reason is that Big Eyes isn’t very good. Fine. But … Cake isn’t good either. So, and I know you know this, it’s not about the quality of the film. We ALL know that it’s about the quality of the campaign. And Jennifer Aniston’s just been working this from every f-cking angle with influential advocates too.

The best thing about Amy though, and I really believe this, is that I don’t think she cares. She’s always getting the quality opportunities. Her name will come up in the meetings – hey, what about Amy Adams for this? – and they will call her, they always do. She’ll see the scripts. She’ll keep on delivering. Until, like Julianne, they’ll reward her. They have to. How could they not?