I’ve always been just a little bit squicked by Amy Adams, but I figured it was my problem. After all, she is an incredible actress who is in everything, and I was in her thrall in American Hustle just like everyone else. It’s just…well, I never forget that it’s her underneath the character, you know? It’s always Amy Adams first, and everything else second.

Apparently I am not the only one who has this problem.

Amy Adams’ speech, when accepting her very deserved award for her very good movie, was all about MEEEEE.    

Yeah, I know, they all are. But seriously, the reason people are allowed to give speeches after they win awards is because filmmaking, unlike, say, accounting, is a collaborative effort and it took a lot to get the winners there.

But Amy’s speech was all about how she continues to ask her manager whyyyyyy she chose her, and whyyyyy she’s so special, and whyyyy her incredibly successful career is happening. Are you kidding me? It’s not enough to have the umpteen Oscar and Globe nominations, she has to be told exactly what about her was so special, so diamond in the rough, that she was taken on and nurtured? Seriously now?

I don’t get the impression that Adams would be the type to talk to Taylor Swift, ever. But she should. Maybe they could collaborate on a song, about what it’s like to feel like them.

The dress was bangin’, though. One of the best orange-red toned dresses that actually showed up the way it was supposed to on the carpet. So hurrah for that.

(Lainey: I love Amy Adams. She’s so nice and so sweet…and still I agree with Duana here. That part about the WHYYYY was too much.)