I reported it exclusively last week and now Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have confirmed they are pregnant. As posted in my original article, Amy quit smoking and was experiencing morning sickness during SNL rehearshals. She told close friends, family and colleagues and has just announced publicly.

It’s a double celebration for Amy too as Baby Mama took the top spot this weekend at the box office.

Attached – Amy and Will last week at Tribeca. Look at his dumb ass goofy face. Love him on 30 Rock…though he really needs to chill on the orange, non?

Amy and Will are the perfect couple on which to test my Celebrity Baby Theory:

Hot + hot = Ugly
Hot + average = Fairly attractive
Average + Average = Hot
Horse face stars + gay husbands = Cute
Hot + Ugly = Ugly
Average + Ugly = Uglier
Ugly + Ugly = Donatella Versace

Based on the formula, Amy and Will fall under “average but interesting”. As such, their kid will be hot. Trust.

Photos from Wenn.com