The Obama administration invited several Hollywood players to participate in discussions about the Affordable Health Care Act yesterday including Jennifer Huston, Funny or Die’s Mike Farah, and Amy Poehler in the hope that they’ll be able to better educate young people about the policies and encourage youth support of the program. Before you start yelling at me about politics, please know I am from Canada. We have universal health care here. My ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, was saved by our universal health care system. Several times.

Anyway, before we become Brenda and Kelly and threaten to never speak to each other again, here’s Amy last night in New York at the premiere of Blue Jasmine in a button-down shirt with shorts. It’s a cute outfit… but maybe not for photographs. Which, I mean it’s a tricky thing. Because a photo just captures one moment and angle. So if the shirt is rippling one way and tugging another way, the image doesn’t give the viewer the benefit of seeing what happens after, when she adjusts her body, and all of it is allowed to move in a much more flattering way.

I’m blogging today from a photo shoot. We had a two hour fitting yesterday for the wardrobe. And it’s not just about what fits well and “looks good”, it’s also about how it shows up in still pictures. This is a pain in the f-cking ass. Because not only do you have to make sure the outfit shoots well but then when you’re shooting, you have to look natural while being unnatural. It is the most awkward process, and also the most crampy. My neck is cramping already, my thighs are spasm-ing, and we have 5 hours to go.

So, you know, I just we could see Amy wearing this in person, because in person, I’ve a feeling it would have been so much better.