Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation premieres on Thursday – it’s a whole new must see TV on NBC! The Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock…

Amy and Tina back to back anchoring network television? Yay for girls, right? So girls should be watching right? We’ll see.

Early buzz surrounding Parks and Rec is that it’s solid. Executive produced by the same team from The Office, Amy plays Leslie Knope from Indiana who is a “deluded, somewhat fragile person who doesn’t have any real power but wants to change the world. Sweet Leslie would probably attempt lesbianism just to have that experience and open her mind, but it would be really fumbly and awkward. There would not be anything sexy about it.”

This is what Amy told The Advocate in the new issue, discussing everything from SNL and parenthood to gayness, but mostly gayness because Amy LOVES the gays.

The article illustrates her sense of humour, naturally, her warmth, of course, but also a more reflective side of Poehler that is not often highlighted. When asked, now that she’s a mother, whether she’ll be a cool mom or a regular mom, Amy answered:

I’m going to be a regular mom. The cool mom thing can really backfire. I’m out working in Los Angeles right now, and it’s filled with cool moms with tight figures in jumpsuits, but when they turn around they have the face of a 70-year-old. It’s very disconcerting. I’m probably jinxing myself, but I like children to have nice manners and a lot of boundaries. My hope for my children is that they’re happy, and my hope for myself is that people want to be around my children.

Best line?

I have not met one gay in my 37 years who doesn’t enjoy a dance party.


To read the full interview, click here. I’m cheering for Amy. Watch Amy in Parks and Recreation on Thursday night.

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