It’s Monday morning. You’ve got five horrible days to get through before (Canadian) Thanksgiving. Your job’s a joke/you’re broke/your love life’s D.O.A. etc. BUT I’ve got something to show you that’s going to inspire you to keep kicking butt all week long, and it comes in the form of, of course, Amy Poehler.

Over the weekend Amy, Charlize Theron and a seriously impressive list of A-listers were given awards at Variety’s Power of Women event and sh*t got pretty real…well for a “luncheon” anyway. The purpose of the event was to honour women involved in philanthropy, and Amy was being celebrated for her work with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Here’s the video of her acceptance speech. It starts at 1:28.

Isn’t that perfect? Can you name another actress in Hollywood who could publicly cry about orphans without setting off your internal bullsh*t alarm? Imagine if GOOP did that!? No one would buy it, but Amy Poehler can talk about this kind of thing without making it seem like a PR move because she’s just never gone to that place. She’s only ever done work that she seems to genuinely care about so when she talks about something serious we can accept that she’s being legit. An important lesson, even for us civilians.

Also, awesome of Amy to politely call out everyone at this bougie lunch for having a responsibility to get down with a little civic engagement. Like, if you’re at an event and you’re eating kale salad and Jessica Alba is there dressed in Dior, then you’re probably in a position to give back a little, right?

Charlize also cried, while talking about her mom, who I guess is some kind of Bad B*tch that makes her “feel like a p*ssy”. Nicole Kidman called out her feminist mother for teaching her to “never be frightened of using the F-word.” Sounds like one of those things where lots of positive vibes get compounded and everyone just feels really safe to feel all of their feelings.

Two final thoughts…
1) Amy Poehler looks really great! Naturally, I didn’t want to make that the focus of this post but she looks hot and chic as f*ck .

2) Aisha Tyler hosted this event and I just need to know when she’s going to finally get the love she deserves. That woman is splendid.