Let’s start with Amy Poehler. I love that Amy Poehler isn’t too big to still be doing sh-t like this – running around NYC in a goofy costume crashing into people with a camera and singing Christmas carols all while generally being funny and awesome and spontaneous. She’s the BEST.

And then there’s Emma Thompson, on Fallon last night, also dancing like she doesn’t give a f-ck, bringing the good time with her, always, wherever she goes. Is there ever an off day in Emma’s world? Probably. But it’s her job never to let you see that. Instead, she’ll just flail her arms around like a crazy lady at a wedding and end up on the stairs.

Can we please, please, please put Emma Thompson and Amy Poehler in the same room?

Attached- Amy Poehler arriving at LAX earlier this month, and Emma Thomson at The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences last night and arriving at The Late Show two nights ago.