Amy Poehler’s book, Yes, Please, comes out today. Have you bought it yet? I’m halfway through and so far, I love it. I think it’s her self-awareness. It’s the way she’s all like, f------ck my divorce suuuuuuucked. And, Jesus, I must be the only person who’s ever felt so defeated. Oh wait, sh-t. I’m not. I’m not at all. Which is exactly the right tone between too preciously special and too self-deprecating, to the point of it lacking authenticity. Because we do all live inside our own heads. We can’t help it. So it’s about finding ways to exist there while pulling ourselves out. In Amy, I find that so identifiable. We’re not often supposed to relate to celebrities. They’re becoming a totally different species. Once in a while though, there’s a celebrity who can hybrid with the civilian. That’s Amy Poehler.

Amy was at Letterman last night promoting the book. She also stopped by Howard Stern. When they go to Howard, they’re supposed to be able to roll with whatever Howard wants to talk about. In this case, hooking up after divorce and what constitutes a date.

Like, did Amy go on a date with John Stamos? They went to dinner. She wasn’t sure though if it was a real date because she was dressed like Leslie Knope (this KILLS ME). And then he didn’t ask her to come home with him afterwards. Just in case that’s not clear enough for you, she confirms that she “didn’t f-ck John Stamos”.

You’d think John Stamos would want to f-ck after one dinner, non?

Well, he’s f-cking stupid then. Because Amy is awesome. If you can spare 8 minutes (you can), listen below.