Please can we enjoy this moment again? I love this moment. I loved it when Amy Poehler sat on George Clooney’s lap when his category was being presented. Look at his face. Look at that smile. This is when I love him the most. He’s game, you know? As Duana said at the time, George Clooney is rarely pouty. In fact, curiously enough, the last time I remember him being pouty was at the Oscars a few years ago, when Elisabetta Canalis still had her job, and there was something very off about the two of them that night. Otherwise, I mean, he’s just so much fun. And what Stacy Keibler has over, well, all of the ones who came before I guess, is that she doesn’t bring his fun down, “exceeding expectations” on her performance appraisal.

George, here, is willing to be used in the way we want to see him --- a flirty, charming son of a bitch you will forgive no matter what.

Stacy was wearing Armani. Because Armani is the preferred clothing provider for George Clooney girlfriends. We’ve seen worse on her. Mostly though I’m surprised that her hair isn’t sh-t. She has a history of tragic award show hair.

But what, if anything, do Stacy Keibler and Jennifer Garner have in common? One’s a party girl who’s given up, for now, marriage and babies. The other is the Mother of the Year. Really curious about that conversation.