I know it was officially the Time 100 party last night but scanning through all the pictures it really looked like it was Amy Poehler’s party. I want to go to an Amy Poehler party. Remember at the Emmys when all the comedy ladies took the stage like a pageant and held each other until a winner was crowned? You know that was all Poehler, right? Poehler is what Ashley Judd was trying to write about a few weeks ago, without the hypocrisy of pretending her face manipulation was steroids.

Poehler was also on Letterman last night promoting Parks & Rec. Have you seen the interview? He adores her. He gushes. He fawns over the show. He fawns over Amy. He spends several minutes fawning over Parks & Rec and Amy. It’s really cute. And if you are a fan of the show, you’ll be nodding along like OF COURSE, you knew that a long time ago.

Amy looks great. I’m really into how low her dress is cut at the Time party. I’m also really, really into the white blouse she was wearing last week with Aubrey Plaza at the premiere of Five Year Engagement. What do you think she and Louis CK talk about?