Last month we saw the first trailer for Trainwreck, which is written by and stars comedian Amy Schumer, who also makes the super funny Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. The trailer is promising and according to the excitement pouring out of SXSW, where Trainwreck premiered, the movie delivers. The combination of Judd Apatow’s direction and Schumer’s “unique” point of view—unique, I suppose, because we don’t get to see many movies about sex and women and women having sex—seems to have paid off. Trainwreck doesn’t come out until July, which feels like a long time, but I want it to be a big summer hit. There are a lot of people who think Bridesmaids was a fluke, and I’d like to be able to make those people choke on their words. I have Milo and the Phantom Tollbooth dreams about making them eat their words until they explode.

Schumer also spoke at SXSW and offered up some solid soundbites on feminism and sex. She talks about feeling “entitled to orgasms” and about the understanding gap between what feminism is and what people think it is. You can read a nice summation of her talk here. I’m excited to have Amy Schumer in the mainstream. I’m in my thirties now and I’m tired of pussy-footing around talking about sex, and I no longer have the patience or the will to pretend a meekness I don’t feel when I want to get off. I’m down with anything that promotes a more outspoken—and demanding—female sexuality, and that includes Schumer’s sex-positive comedy. Inside Amy Schumer has actually been a reference point a couple times, the ice breaker that helped along a discussion about mutual satisfaction. We need more stuff like this, and people like Amy Schumer, not apologizing for women wanting to have and enjoy sex without also having to talk about marriage and babies. Trainwreck can’t get here fast enough.