Amy Schumer picked up her first Emmy for Inside Amy Schumer, for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. This has been Schumer’s year, from the breakout success of Inside to a hit feature film, to #squadding with Jennifer Lawrence, and now she caps it off with her first Emmy win. The Emmys hit this one at the right moment. Inside is in its third season but it’s only just opened up to [be available to] a wider audience, so they’re getting it right alongside everyone else, and not two years later. And Schumer seemed legit surprised to win—when she says she didn’t prepare a speech, I believe her, and her semi-rambling thank yous to everyone from her head writer, Jessi Klein, to the makeup artist who gave her “this smoky eye” was incredibly endearing. Although she did say something about only having two more years left, so does that mean she intends to shut down Inside after five years? That makes me like her even more—too many TV shows go on too long.

But now for the other side of Amy’s big night—she is indisputably the Worst Dressed. Schumer’s dress is Basic Bridesmaid. It’s by Zac Posen, it’s a size too small and too low, and it’s particularly distressing because Posen usually does right by curvier women. Either 1) Schumer has a bad stylist, 2) Posen didn’t give her his full attention, or 3) they did try to put her in a better dress but for some reason Schumer insisted on this one. I’ve got a friend who works in fashion in Los Angeles who has participated in the dressing of celebrities and she always yells at me to not put all the blame on stylists and designers because a lot of the time it’s celebrities with assy taste mucking things up. So let’s spread it around and say that no one brought their A-game to this look. And let’s give a special “You Fail” badge to the hairstylist who replaced Schumer’s hair with a bird’s nest. The hair is a crime unto itself.