Take a look at Amy Schumer's crew. From left to right, it’s her stylist Leesa Evans, Rose Byrne (who hasn’t yet confirmed that she’s pregnant but let's be real), Lena Dunham and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This same photo was posted on Instagram three times in succession early this morning, starting with Amy, then the JLD, and Lena.

Julia's caption is my favourite: "Wake up internets."


Wake up internets. @amyschumer @lenadunham #rosebyrne @leesaevansstyle

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What I like most about these photos, and most of Amy Schumer's candid snaps, is that it looks like these are some funny women who actually hang out and support each other. There are no matching outfits or flags (thanks SNL for pointing this out in the Swiftpocalypse sketch), or overly-staged #squadgoals positioning. A photo like this looks like it could be a blueprint for a sketch like "Last F-ckable Day," which the JLD also starred in. Also, none of these girls need makeup... no natural-looking makeup. That sketch won an Emmy earlier this year.

But what’s really shining here is Amy's power. Her movie Trainwreck made over $138-million worldwide, on a $35-million budget, outperforming all expectations. The movie is out on DVD next week, and should be available on-demand now. Not only was it well-received, it also features a stellar turn from my girl Brie Larson. The more people see Trainwreck, the more people realize what a transformative performance Brie put on in Room (which is out now, and everybody should go see it).

Trainwreck could be a Golden Globe lock for Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical, and director Judd Apatow has been campaigning for it hard on Twitter. The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg also lists Amy’s screenplay as being a longshot for the Oscar’s Best Original Screenplay category. But really, from hosting the MTV Movie Awards as a near-unknown, to her box office success, to befriending J. Law, to winning an Emmy… few have dominated pop culture this year the way Amy has. If Barbara Walters was still doing her Most Fascinating People year-end special, Amy would be in contention to top the list. The Wrap is reporting she will be a part of Entertainment Weekly’s Big in 2015 special on VH1, too.

So…what does the follow-up look like? What’s Amy giving us in 2016?


How bout these cuties @leesaevansstyle #rosebyrne @lenadunham @officialjld

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Just happy. @amyschumer

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It's nice to love people

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