Amy and Blake left rehab abruptly a few days ago as their scraps were apparently disrupting other patients…though lets be honest – does he really want her getting clean? Please.

They were sighted last night. A few photos will be released in a matter of hours – I can’t publish though I have seen them and they are probably the most shocking yet. Rumour has it they’ve been using hard and living hard and fighting hard, and the physical evidence would certainly corroborate that. Blake has cuts all over his neck, his fingernails are disgusting but Amy is much, much worse.

The images show her makeup, her mascara running all over her face and large bandages all over her left arm (most likely from cutting) and her shoes so worn her toes are popping out of her ballet flats. It is heartbreaking. And decidedly different from the almost absurd, circus-like scandal surrounding the Britneys and the Lilos. Amy’s situation is so much more… authentic. I have seen too many like her at Covenant House Vancouver Girls filled with self loathing, desperately in love with pimps and dealers who are bleeding them dry. This is Amy. He is killing her.

Last post on the subject…until, hopefully, she leaves him. Sorry, hope that"s ok.