He is black to the core. And not surprisingly, because of him, or more accurately, because of her weakness when it comes to him, Amy Winehouse has reportedly once again exited rehab. Apparently the two walked out on Sunday night and checked into a hotel. And of course insiders say it was Blake who was the problem. Deliberately picking fights with her, the two scrapped incessantly, disrupting the peaceful environment of the facility before deciding to leave together which is likely what he had intended all along.

As I said last week, theirs is a sick love: an insecure girl desperately attached to a lowlife who controls her by destroying her self esteem and then feeding her bruised ego with drugs. Worse still, my sources tell me that it’s no secret in London – Blake Fielder Civil is allegedly one of the most prolific go-to heroin dealers for the UK music industry. Verging on sad smut now but seriously, if Amy Winehouse stays with this f&cker, she’ll end up dead. Trust.