Both she and Blake spoke to the press yesterday downplaying reports of her overdose and addiction. All addicts are liars.

Having said that, today at least, she seems to be back in rehab, although that piece of sh-t she’s married to keeps insisting it’s a “retreat”, making it sound as if recovery is a 2 week holiday. They’ve now entered a facility in Essex that accepts couples. Apparently Amy refuses to be apart from Blake in spite of her family’s pleas to seek treatment independently.

Still, she agreed to go back. But on her way there she felt compelled to hit up a pub first which delayed her arrival by several hours…clearly another promising beginning. And not that I don’t wish her the best but obviously, obviously this girl isn’t there yet. And obviously, every day that he’s around she will never, ever kick it. In fact, he probably prefers her that way.

Can you hear it?

"Baby I need you. I can"t be away from you. I don"t know how I would deal with the loneliness if we weren"t together. But I will if I have to. Even if I have to hold someone else and pretend it"s you."

Blake Fielder-Civil is that guy.