Contrary to widespread reports last week, turns out Amy Winehouse is not in rehab. Her family is apparently looking into a suitable facility and she is being attended to by medical personnel but she has not been officially admitted into treatment.

They did however confirm that she overdosed. Said Amy:

"It was just crazy—one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I don"t know how to explain what happened. I don"t really know myself. I can"t remember what I looked like. I couldn"t recognise myself. It was terrifying—I was terrified. I was so out of control. It just happened. It shocked me. I"m sorry—I just don"t know what got into me. I never want to feel that way again. I"ve scared myself this time. I was all over the place. I know things have got to change. I have to sort myself out. I"m fine. I"ll be back at work on Monday. I"m fine, honest."

So she goes on a three day bender, consumes an obscene amount of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and K, is hospitalised and briefly comatose, but no worries…she’ll be OK.

Needless to say, her parents disagree and they reportedly packed her up with her husband and his parents and checked everyone into a luxury hotel immediately after she was discharged from the hospital. As her folks are keeping a constant vigil on Amy however, Blake’s parents supposedly refuse to acknowledge that their son has a problem and that the two tragic lovers use and abuse together.

At one point, Amy’s father became so frustrated he tried to throttle Blake’s dad after Blake’s family tried to pin all problems on Amy’s addiction while dismissing Blake’s harmless recreational indulgence.

But still, even amidst the drama and the uncertainty about her future, Amy will be back to work, performing on stage as early as next week. And of course she still found time to talk to a tabloid.

There"s a little Lohan in everyone.

Here"s Amy NOT in rehab at the weekend outside her hotel.