How awesome is this picture of Anderson Cooper straight up fangirling for the Jolie on his show? The interview airs on Monday and, so far, at least from the excerpts they’re released, it’s more of the same Angelina saving the world, loving her kids, not reading the tabloids, whatever.

Here’s my favourite from the advance parts of the discussion the show’s publicity team sent out this morning.

Anderson: My mom told me as a kid never to read anything about yourself, and at the time no one was writing about me so I never really paid much attention to it but now I've come to value that advice because I think it's hugely valuable advice. Do you read?

Angelina: Never, never. I'm going to have to on this which is very hard for me.

Anderson: Are you going to read the reviews?

Angelina: Well I have to read some things on this because I need to understand how people are receiving it if there is something more I need to explain in case it is being misunderstood. This is the first time I had to and it's terrifying but I've avoided everything on myself.

Anderson: Because there is a whole industry out there, like magazines which seem to talk about nothing but you, I don't read them myself.

Angelina: Which is so funny because I'm the most boring.

Anderson: I don't really believe that.

Angelina: I'm not totally boring but we do often say that because we don't go out clubbing, we're not big into fashion, we do a lot of dealing with kids and stuff.

Which particular quote do you think it is that I love so much?

“We’re not big into fashion.”

I dunno. That just made me laugh.

As for that infamous “retire by 50” comment that Brad dropped a few weeks ago, Angie says she wants to do it first:

Anderson: I recently saw an interview that Brad Pitt said he was going to quit acting by 50. Is that something you'd support?

Angelina: I heard that too.

He didn't say that to? Do you buy that? I don't believe it.

Angelina: I'll ask him tonight. I don't think he is.

Is that something you would support because then it would all be on your shoulders.

Angelina: I'm happy for it. No, we were both racing to see which one of us gets to retire first. We both, like most people, we like being home. Whoever is the one whose home tends to be the happier one because we get to play with the kids and the other one is out earning the money.

That's what some people I don't think get. You actually have a deal where you don't work at the same time. So when one of you is on a movie. So when you were shooting this film.

Angelina: He was with the kids taking them to school in the morning then he'd come to the set in the afternoon and do stills photography. He was my stills photographer.

Speaking of the Brange and award season - they’re now guaranteed to be at the Producer’s Guild Awards on January 21 as Angelina’s In The Land Of Blood And Honey has just been honoured with the Stanley Kramer Award for “illuminat(ing) provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion."

Are these televised? Sadly I don’t think so. Somehow then the Brange will have to arrange for a photographer present to capture his face proudly watching her accept her award. And her face looking back at him for inspiration. OMG!