I received an email earlier about SJP and the MET Gala, something about how she might be sitting out this year. Which would be a disappointment, because love it or hate it, SJP always brings it. She understands that it’s a COSTUME. That there’s a theme. That it should be playful (while being respectful). Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Here’s what she posted on Instagram earlier today:

Another reason why we need the SJP there – to prevent the event from being a complete Taylor takeover. So. Beyoncé? I mentioned the other day that I just, I just couldn’t see her showing up right now. Having to share on that level when she’s got her own stage and her own Lemonade groove, dominating almost every other story in entertainment.

But Andre Leon Talley is saying that she’s coming?

In a new interview with Vogue.com ALT is asked about his fondest MET Gala memories:

“Cher came up the steps and I was beating a tambourine and she took the tambourine out of my hands and she started beating the tambourine. And we became friends . . . Unfortunately the person I most wanted to see is not coming because she’s on tour. It’s Rihanna. . . . But I do look forward to Beyoncé.”

Beyoncé was one of the last to arrive last year, if not the last to arrive. If it’s true, that she’ll be there, well, I hope it’s a f-cking entrance. I hope it’s what she did at the Super Bowl. When she wasn’t technically the headliner but was actually the headliner.