Entertainment Weekly is all about Spider-Man in the new Comic-Con preview issue. Andrew Garfield on the cover and something like 15 exclusive photos from the film, due out next year. Two of those images feature Garfield and Emma Stone as boyfriend and girlfriend. OMG. I want them to make babies.

Hot, right?

Especially the shot of her with his shirt off...looking super intensely at her... is he about to kiss her? I really, really, REALLY want to know. Even though I really thought it was super twee when the rumours started that they’re a couple, I dunno, the perv in me wouldn’t mind seeing them making out.

Well this is a good way to head into Comic-Con, non? The Spider-Man panel happens on Friday and Sony is promising excitement. There’s a lot of expectation, definitely, but there’s also a lot of doubt they have to kill. A year to get there...starts now.

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to see all 15 of The Amazing Spider-Man images. It’s a pretty great package.