Not surprisingly, really. On many levels. First, they’re in their mid 20s and they’ve been together forever. Like over 3 years. It’s just… in that business… even in real life…

I’m just saying a lot of change happens.

Especially when the change involves one person becoming super successful, and then finding himself on the brink of superstardom. Andrew Garfield, after all, is the new Spider-Man. It’s a lot of pressure, yes. It’s a lot of image making too. On top of the regular relationship challenges like spending time together and working on communication.

Us Weekly reports that he and his longtime girlfriend Shannon Woodward have broken up. Apparently he started becoming more distant the more involved he was in shooting the movie. They haven’t spoken in weeks. And though she supposedly is telling people that they’re just “on a break”, Us’s sources seem convinced that it’s done for good.

Here’s when the studio can now start putting together a list of potential new “real life” love interests for Andrew. I’m thinking Dianna Agron. Just because that would probably make Alex Pettyfer lose his sh-t.

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