Everyone thought Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up earlier this year when he was away in Asia shooting a movie for Martin Scorsese. Those rumours ended up being bullsh-t when he was seen with her as soon as he got home. They spent the summer together in LA. And now he’s in Australia working on Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge. Production started at the end of September. Click here to see photos from the set. That’s Vince Vaughn leaning against the wall on the left.

Now, according to an Australian radio station, KIIS FM, Andrew’s been hanging out off duty with Mel and Vince and they were at a bar this weekend when this happened:

The threesome were spotted out and about on Saturday night, at the luxe Pelicano bar in Sydney’s Double Bay. Garfield was spotted leaving with a young blonde woman. An inside source has revealed that the couple were seen leaving the venue together, and passersby allegedly yelled, ‘Where’s Emma Stone?, to which he said; ‘we’re not together anymore.’ Ooh la la!

KIIS FM is claiming the exclusive that Emma and Andrew have broken up. But only if you believe that Andrew Garfield would tell some random shouting at him that he and Emma are done. Would he?

I’m kinda more concerned that he’s going drinking on a Saturday night with Mel Gibson.