I hesitate to use the word hipster because we’re over talking about hipsters, right? The hipster movement feels passé at this point, yes? But still, I don’t know what to call these pictures of Andrew Garfield and Tom Sturridge other than hipster porn.

They were snapped yesterday walking around Tribeca and I’m sorry for being vulgar but how badly do you want to be handcuffed in the middle of these two? Actually handcuffed is probably the wrong idea, these two are love makers not f*ckers. A threesome would probably involve baths and a lot of pot.

Anyway, true to the theory that you maintain whatever personal style you have at the height of your success, Tom is still really rocking that Kensington scene look. He’s actually doing it well. If hipsterdom could be more of this and less Jason Mraz, I think maybe we could agree to try to hold on to that moment for a while longer. If every pale, moody, sloppy, fedora-head was this sexy, I’d co-sign on that.

If you’re curious, they’re both in NY for work. Andrew’s shooting Spidey and Tom’s in that play Shia LaBeouf got fired from. I don’t know if Andrew’s BEAUTIFUL dog has a summer job here too, but if not, it should! Seriously, have you ever seen a more perfect looking animal?