He’s on a roll, this one.

It’s the 3rd or 4th occasion in a row he’s presenting very attractively, kinda sexy, a resounding validation, if you will, for his being chosen as the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield covers the new issue of Details with a photo shoot and a great interview. You’ll no doubt visit other sites today with soundbites and excerpts, and most of the time that works; it gives you most of the meat of the article, but sometimes, sometimes you just have to spend the 5 minutes and read the entire thing. It’s meant to be ingested that way. And in this case, for Andrew Garfield, especially as he’s so new and so publicly unformed, this is like a great first date with a new rising star.

Yeah, he’s a little up his own ass with the “craft” talk about acting, and exploring dark, free places in a scene, but no more so than your average narcissistic actor, and James Franco I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL has blown that whole chart out of proportion anyway. One of the things I do like about Garfield is that, shocker!, he’s a British actor who can play pick-up in Venice Beach.

I’m talking about British actor/musician fatigue, you know what I mean? And I’ll include my #1 Jim Sturgess on this list too. They tote around their guitars, they hide in corners in dark bars, they write music and poetry, they brood and lament, and, well, they can’t throw a ball.

Maybe a few years ago, the British actor/musician was the Alternative. But these days he’s become the Stereotype. I don’t know, I just like it that Andrew Garfield can kick it on a skateboard, that he knows how to plant his feet on a jumpshot, that he can surf…as well as speak articulately and read and write and get in touch with his creativeness for eyerolls.

There’s also a really great story in here about what it was like to wait for confirmation or rejection after his audition for Spider-Man while at the same time promoting another film for the studio. It gives you a sense of how f-cked their industry can be, how bad the want for a part can be, and how rejection, when applicable, is doled out so insensitively.

There are hints too of a growing self-absorption. Mark it now at the beginning, and track it over the time. Fascinating.

He also looks really good.

So instead of quickly skimming a quote or a highlight, save this for later, or spend a few minutes reading the whole piece. Even if you come out the other side hating him, you’ll have a list of reasons.

Click here for Andrew Garfield in Details.

Also attached – Garfield in New York this morning promoting The Social Network DVD.

Photo from Derek Storm/Splashnewsonline.com