Andrew Garfield continued to shoot The Amazing Spider-Man in New York last night, this time filming what looked like a simple-ish action sequence in his spider suit. They’re telling me these shots are of him and not the stunt double. Sure, let’s roll with that. The body and the gait, it’s believable enough. And also I really do want to believe Garfield’s ass is this good.

You know what kind of ass this is? This is a hockey ass. Jacek has a hockey ass. From years and years of playing hockey when he was younger. Is this my subtle way of saying my husband has a great ass? No, I’m straight up saying it with no subtlety – Jacek has a GREAT ass. He and Andrew Garfield could totally ass-off. And Jacek would probably win. Because he’s taller.

Here’s then why it is SO heartbreaking the fact that Jacek has absolutely no taste at all, insisting on wearing ugly sh-t clothes and refusing to wear really cool clothes. Jacek was born with a sample size body for men. He’s lean, he’s naturally cut, but I swear to God most days, if left to his own devices, you’d see him and think he just came from Poland circa 1981. At that point, the ass, it wouldn’t matter. At that point, you’d just keep walking. A great ass is not enough.

(Note from Jacek: It's all about comfort. My latest fashion triumph: Golf Shirt. Under Armour sweats. Socks. Open-toed Keen sandals. I know the sock/sandal thing is a bit offside, but it's not quite warm enough yet for no socks.)

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