Andrew Garfield has been in London this week promoting Silence. It’s his work in Hacksaw Ridge, however, that is receiving the most recognition. A large majority of Oscar prognosticators are expecting to hear Andrew’s name called on Tuesday morning when the Academy announces its nominations. He told Reuters the other day that he’s not as anxious about that kind of pressure as he used to be. Previously Andrew was a contender in The Social Network – not for an Oscar but he was nominated that year for a Golden Globe and at the BAFTAs: 

"I'm a bit older so I feel a bit more comfortable in those rooms," the California-born and British-raised "Spider-man" actor told Reuters at a screening of "Hacksaw Ridge" in London on Wednesday. "I'm not as panicky because it's an overwhelming thing ... It's very stressful but this time it's been kind of fun and fine and enjoyable and I feel a bit more comfortable."

The gossip question here would be whether or not it’s a bit more comfortable because he’s on the award circuit with his ex-girlfriend Emma Stone, with whom he is still close. How close? So close that many are wondering if they’ve gotten back together.

Emma was in Europe to promote La La Land last week. The final stop on that press tour was London on Thursday, January 12. As of yesterday she was still in London. A full week after she’d wrapped up her work commitments. And my Twitter mentions are telling me that she’s also been hanging out with Andrew’s friends:

Is it because during the course of their relationship his friends became her friends and it was such an amicable split that they get to share custody of those people? Or is it because… they just can’t quit each other but they don’t want to confirm that they’re back together because they don’t want that to overshadow their respective campaigns?