Someone called Tammy wrote to me today:

“Yep, have to say, pretty burnt out on the Andrew/Emma show.  Wonder if this relationship will last past the Spiderman movies or if the PR parade will end soon after...  I'm actually not overly fond of either.  Can we move on?”

The answer is…No. Sorry Tammy. I’m not burnt out. And I certainly hope they don’t burn out. Because I love them. Why don’t you love them? What’s not to love? Here’s a guy who’s not Chris Evans, threatening to quit acting and then having to take it back. Here’s a guy who’s not afraid to actually ENJOY the promotional part of his job, unlike so many of his peers who act like selling a movie is beneath them, degrading to their “craft”, and damaging to their “artistry”.

As we keep hearing from Tom Cruise, so much goes into the making of a movie – by so many who never get the spotlight. When a movie does well, they benefit too. In much more significant ways: sequels mean more job opportunity, bonuses for people who actually need it to pay their mortgage payments, pay for health insurance, pay for their children’s education. Too many of these above the line assholes sulk their way through their obligations. Especially the young ones.

Can we appreciate Andrew Garfield for that?

He and Emma Stone were in Tokyo today, continuing to push The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hard through the Pacific Rim. I am all about his pants. And I am all about how tactile he is with the little kids in costume. Also how tactile he is with his girlfriend.

Did you know? The way to Emma’s heart is not to sing…but to rap.