Andrew Garfield supported Emma Stone on Saturday at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Times Square. They had the dog with them and held hands. Look at him with the pink ribbon around his collar. Cute, right?

The night before, Andrew went to see his old friend Tom Sturridge on Broadway in Orphans. He was with his best friend Eddie Redmayne. A reader called V sat two rows behind them. Rafe Spall was also there and introduced them to Edgar Wright. Click here to see a photo. Jesus, it’s like a British Boy Orgy!

Remember this photo from back in 2009?

Robert Pattinson was actually in New York that night too. He was at the Orphans show supporting Sturridge the night before, on Thursday. On Friday night, when Andrew and Eddie went, Pattinson and Katy Perry met up with Sturridge at the Bowery after the performance. I guess the Shannon Woodward situation is still a thing?

Katy is expected to attend the MET Gala tonight and she’s promised to go full punk. Emma Stone was at the MET Gala last year with Elber Albaz and Lanvin. Click here for a refresher. Maybe they’ll be all gracious and classy with each other on the steps. Or maybe not.