I smiled.

I smiled at the end when Andrew Lincoln smiles. It’s the song. I can’t help the feelings I get when I hear that song. Have you see the Love Actually teaser?

So we already know that Andrew’s Mark is back to interrupt his best friend and his wife, with whom he is in love. And that he’s there with cards…again. As I wrote last week, maybe he’s there to let them know – on cards – that he’s found someone who isn’t married? The answer to that question is now available.

You can wait until Red Nose Day on March 24th to find out. Or you can go behind the scenes of the Love Actually 10 minute sequel with The Guardian. In an article published on Sunday, Tom Lamont writes about his time on set. And reveals what exactly Mark is saying on those cards. So don’t click the link unless you want to be spoiled. Oh and also, there’s a blind riddle. Here’s what Tom Lamont wrote in the piece:

There was a scene in Notting Hill, which also starred Grant, during which his character went along to a movie shoot: he got placed on the sidelines with a pair of headphones so that he could listen in on the actors’ dialogue. In this way he accidentally heard them mutter bitchy secrets to each other. It happens to me in eerie replication one day. A scene is being reset and a prominent actor fills the waiting with wicked chat. There is a dig at an absent castmate. Then the actor ranks by merit some of the films they have made since the last Love Actually, the one they had to be talked into, the “pay-day”. Blushing, absolutely fascinated, I listen for as long as decency and personal ethics allow before turning the volume down.

Prominent actor could be any of them: Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant…is Martin Freeman part of this revival?

Because if he is, my guess would be Martin Freeman sh-t-talking Hugh Grant. You?