Praise Xenu! We were all deflated last month when British reports suggested that Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise exposé was not going to be published in the UK because it wasn’t scandalous enough…but now it turns out it’s actually not going to be published in the UK because it’s TOO SCANDALOUS and publishers fear that British libel laws will make it too costly for them to defend.


The News of the World gets pretty fictional every weekend – what happened to libel laws there??? The latest from them is that Britney had guns in the house. She had NO GUNS in the house. Trust.

Morton’s book is however getting published in America, where libel laws are different and where the salacious details will make the most splash anyway. And while Morton does not dare to go near the gay gay unveiling, he does make some explosive allegations about the Church and about Little Sci.

Morton has the balls to compare Little Sci to Rosemary’s Baby! The Devil’s baby! And he goes so far as to suggest the possibility that Little Sci was fathered by David Miscavige, Tom’s best friend and head of Scientology detailing how the Church bent over backwards to recruit the GMD and satisfy his every whim – once planting an entire field of wildflowers just so Tom could run through it with Nicole Kidman and the wind.

Seriously… only a gay man would conceive a field of wildflowers as the perfect date.

Morton posits that Tom is now #2 in the Church and that he is involved in all major decision making and responsible for bringing in new high profile members, including the Beckhams. Morton also writes of the Church’s compound in Hemet – heavily guarded by former Israeli soldiers to protect scientological secrets. What’s Xenu hiding behind all those guns???

Point is – he doesn’t want you to find out. Which accounts for the armour and also the political strategising. In addition to strong denials from his lawyer, Tom is making major moves in Hollywood.

Tom’s United Artists has reportedly reached an independent deal with the WGA meaning he can move ahead with projects away from the big studios. This is huge. So what does Brooke Shields have to do with it?

Remember I reported way back, when Tom somehow weasled his way back into Brooke’s good books, that it wasn’t her he was after…but her husband, Chris Henchy? Chris is a screenwriter and also one of the producers of Entourage – clearly influential. And now the GMD has a deal with the WGA…

Coincidence or conspiracy???

Chills, chills, chills.

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