It is a dark day.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise exposé will not be published in the UK because it’s too… boring!



He went underground for two years writing this book. I heard he had to cut off cell phone access, land line access, preferring to haul ass to pay phones instead to make his calls. Rumour has it St Martin’s Press spent millions in advance on insurance and legal protection to prepare for retribution, and now it’s too boring???

Sounds like Morton was obliged to tone down his findings. I wonder if any of his family members were threatened in the process. Has the long arm of the Church has struck again? Xenu takes care of his prodigal son, see?

This is Tom delivering a speech at the opening of a new Scientology branch in 2004 and accepting a Scientology Award from head of Church David Miscavige (the best man at his wedding) last year.

Chills, chills, chills.

Love Xenu! Praise Xenu! I love Xenu!

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