Unexpected, but not necessarily that surprising, news coming out of the gay celebrity bubble this week – the rumoured engagement of Bravo’s Andy Cohen and former NHL villain, Sean Avery. Is this true? Is it even ok to ask if Sean Avery is gay if he’s not saying it? I’m not exactly sure but the evidence is mounting and the possibly real (and as cute as 1000 Milania Giudices!) couple is responding.

The supposed story is that they’ve been together for a while and are ready to tie the knot, but not to take things public because Sean is allegedly still semi-closeted. A very ridiculous part of the original rumour is that Andy’s jealous of his married famous friends, like Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, and wants to start living the life of an out power couple. Don’t you love picturing Andy Cohen whining to Sean Avery about how badly he wants to be more like Kelly Rippa?

While it’s a very fun story to get behind, lots of these details sound pretty sketchy, right? But what’s REALLY weird is how easy it is to find lots of evidence of SOME kind of relationship going on here. Andy and Sean are all over each other’s Instagrams, and not just at places they may have run into each other, but in some seriously intimate settings. One particular picture has them shirtless, wrapped in an American flag, presumably at Two Mile Hollow Beach - the gay favoured destination in East Hampton that’s also Andy’s summer stomping grounds.

Is that picture definitely a beach date? Who knows, but the thing about gay guys? We love gay beaches and we very rarely invite straight bros along because that would obviously screw up the vibe that encourages us to show off our b’s and d’s. Does that mean Sean Avery is definitely gay? No. Did Sean Avery quit the NHL to pursue his interest in Fashion? Yes. Is that the white gay Canadian male dream? Also yes. 

Both guys have now responded with sarcastic tweets. Someone asked Andy if the story is true, to which he responded “ask @iamseanavery”. That tweet has since been deleted. True or not though, you have to give it up to Andy – the Emmcee has finally stolen the drama spotlight from his Cabaret of Housewives. Real Househusbands of East Hamptons, anyone? You know you’d watch that!