What. The. F-CK, Angela Bassett. 

And please don’t misunderstand. I’m not dragging her. Not at all. Why would I dare? Who would dare? This is Angela Bassett. 

So the WTF is not about Angela Bassett in any way sucking. It is about how Angela Bassett does not suck at all, is the opposite of sucking. How Angela Bassett, especially lately, is killing it in a way that is so mind-blowingly WHAT THE F-CK. 

Here she is at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in a sequined pantsuit that is probably one of the most spectacular outfits we’ve seen this entire season. Sequins are a staple on red carpets. The way it was before, we’d mostly just see sequins in the same presentation – a sequined dress, top to bottom, the end. Now though, more and more, sequins are in stripes, in print, in pattern, like this one on Angela that looks almost like weaved leather. Right? The colour combination is delightful here too. Deep purple, mint green, pink. SO fresh, right? 

Yes. Fresh. I used the word fresh to describe the fashion vibe of a woman who’s about to turn 60 this year. 

FRESH. Angela Bassett. Always. 

PS. This is the first time Angela Bassett’s been to the Vanity Fair Oscar party since 2003. THAT is a WTF too.