I thought it was crazy enough earlier in the day during the press conference but that was just the press. Out in front of the Palais, where fans had been waiting for hours, they totally lost their sh-t.

Again, in photos Angelina is always pursing her lips for her pose so it’s hard to tell the body language. But I can tell you that these two are not uncomfortable with their fame. They don’t look awkward up there, it’s absolutely natural, they match stride for stride, slowly, as if they could have been strolling down the Croisette, totally non plussed by the flashbulb explosion – really is quite amazing.

Hardly stepped away from each other the entire time. There was a lot of whispering back and forth, many suggestive glances – again…it’s like porn for me. And even what could be called a girly girl moment with Mariane Pearl… or at least the closest that Angelina Jolie can come to a girly girl moment. At some point the two women looked across from each other and smiled and lifted their shoulders and giggled a little. It’s genuine their friendship, 100% it’s genuine.

Also loved Brad’s affection for little Adam Pearl who was clearly overwhelmed by the situation. There’s no photo of it but as they headed into the Palais after waving to the crowd, Angelina mussed up Adam’s hair and made a silly face and poked him in the armpit. He laughed, she laughed, and then she took Brad’s hand and they entered the theatre.

Again, A Mighty Heart was very well received. I’m told yesterday exceeded their expectations and so as I’ve reported several times, they just might push Angie for Actress – which we knew already – AND the film for Best Picture, regardless of box office performance though predicted to modest at best. Let you know if I hear more.

PS. Most random attendee? Mischa Barton. You think she actually understood what A Mighty Heart was all about???

PPS. Angelina’s dress was one thing…but Brad’s tux? UNBELIEVABLE. Look at that … vest…or whatever you call it. And he WORE it, you know? He.Wore.It.